7 Ways To Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a common problem in every household, especially due to hair. They lead to slow drains or bad odour. If left untreated, they can even cause full blockage or other severe plumbing issues. Therefore, understanding effective ways of removing hair from the drains is important to avoid the issue in the first place. Considering this, let’s look at 7 ways to efficiently get rid of hair from the drains.

Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains with a Drain Snake

Drain Snake, also known as Plumber’s Snake, is the most common method to get hair out of your clogged drains. It is because a drain snake is a long and flexible tool. It can go deep into the drain and unclog it by removing the hairs or debris.

How to use: Simply insert it into the clogged drain and rotate it to push deeper into the drain. If the snake isn’t going deeper, it means it has reached the clogged area. Rotate it again to unclog the drain and pull the plumber’s snake out of the drain. Plus, drain snakes are reusable and an efficient way to clean the drain.

7 Ways To Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains


Apply Natural Cleaning Agents

Using a baking soda and vinegar mixture is another way of unclogging the drains. Both are cleaning agents that dissolve the hairs and other debris and leave a clean drain behind. Additionally, baking soda and vinegar are also environmentally friendly agents that don’t destroy the pipes. Fun fact is baking soda has always been used as a cleaning agent. So, it is a multi-purpose kitchen ingredient.

How to use: Pour a cup of baking soda and vinegar into the drain separately. Cover the drain with a lid and wait half an hour to let the mixture work. After 30 minutes, wash the drain with hot water to dissolve the hair. Your clogged drain is clean.

Usage of natural ingredients for clogged drains

Schedule Regular Cleaning

Taking necessary precautions is better than a cure. So, by scheduling regular cleaning, you can prevent clogged drains of all types. This regular maintenance generally includes:

  • Pouring hot water into the drain every week can dissolve the hairs instantly before they clog the drains.
  • Clean the drain cover regularly and by removing the hair.
  • You can also ensure clean drains by combing your hair beforehand to avoid hair fall during the shower.
  • You can also use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, as discussed above, at least monthly to ensure clean drains.

By following these points, you can prevent the collection of debris or hair on the drain cover, thus preventing hair-clogged drains. Furthermore, it is also quick, easy, and cost-effective to do than declogging the drains.

7 Ways To Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains


Get Drain Cover

It is another preventive method to avoid clogged drains. Getting a drain cover, checking it, and cleaning it alone is more convenient than cleaning the drains. It will prevent hairs from entering the drains. So, there will be no more clogged drains anymore. Plus, it is also very easy to install and an affordable option.

Moreover, even if you forget to clean the cover, the hairs will only clog the cover, not the drain. However, regular cleaning of the drain cover is important to avoid any inconveniences. You can simply do it by washing the drain cover, discarding all the hairs, and putting the clean cover back.

Use a Plunger

Yet, even after following the precautions, if you still have a clogged drain, a plunger can also help you. It is a suction process that breaks the debris and cleans the drain. It is also convenient to use like the drain snake.

How to use: Fill the sink or tub with water until it completely fills the suction cup. Now, put the plunger over the drain. After placing it, push down and pull up quickly to produce suction in the drain. Keep doing this till the drain is clean.

7 Ways To Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains


Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains with a Vacuum

Vacuum can also help in cleaning the hair clogs from the drain. You can use either wet or dry vacuum as per your preference. However, this cleaning method is only applicable for the large clogs. Also, it is only effective for the clogs that are near to the surface. So, if you want to clean such clogged drains without using any harsh chemicals or advanced tools, a vacuum is a good option.

How to use: Adjust the settings of the vacuum accordingly. Create a tight seal around the drain. Now, turn on the vacuum to suck the hairs out of the drain.

7 Ways To Get Hair Out of Your Clogged Drains


Call a professional plumber

If none of the above methods work out, it’s time to call for professional help. A proffesional plumber has the skills and the advanced tools to quickly get hair out of your clogged drains.. For instance, we use hydro jetting through high pressure water to clean stubborn hair clogs. Read more about the benefits of high pressuer drain cleaning. This technique clears the clogs and ensures a flowing plumbing system. If you are in Chicago or live in the surrounding areas, you can call Lifetime Plumbing.

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