Bathtub Faucet Replacement

Has the squeaky, dripping, and leaking sound of your bathtub irritated you? Do you face the brown rust color from the water streaming down the bathtub faucet? If yes, then you need a plumber for the bathtub faucet replacement. Plumbing issues within the bathroom demand immediate attention because they can save you from future damage. Although tasks like bathtub faucet replacement look simple but hiring a plumber makes more sense because plumbers have expertise that you do not have. Plumbers have the experience and knowledge that you lack and might cause trouble for yourself.

Signs that indicate you need a bathtub faucet replacement:

Squeaky Bathtub Faucet

The whistling sound from the faucet comes when the cartridge mixing valve has some issues. The whistling sound comes when the thread has become loose. Usually, lubrication can solve this issue. However, oiling the faucet does not work all the time, and is not beneficial in the long run. The squealing, squeaking or whistling sounds call for the need of a plumber. The plumbers inspect the cause of the noise and provide the services according to judgments.

Leaky Bathtub Faucets

Leakage of bathtub faucets has been observed as a common issue. The leakage might be due to a faulty plumbing system, old valves, faulty cartridges, or faucets. Faucet leaking is considered to be a minor issue, but it should be dealt with immediately because it can cause rot or seepage. You might call a plumber instead of handling it yourself because homeowners are unable to detect the cause of the leaking. Plumbers can inspect and handle the issue well.

Rusty Bathtub Faucets

Bathtub faucets that have become too old become rusty after a while which calls for a bathtub faucet replacement. The rust builds inside the pipe and causes a brown-coloured water flow. Do not panic when you see the rusty brown water. Just close the main water valve and call a plumber for a bathtub faucet replacement. The rust build-up inside the bathtub faucet causes the water to be brown. The system made from bronze is prone to rust. The discolouration of water might be due to bronze pieces from the old faucets. The mineral build-up around or inside the faucet has detrimental effects on health as well.

Simultaneous Waterflow from the Bathtub Faucet

The water from the bathtub and shower faucet cannot flow simultaneously. If the water is flowing at the same time, then it is an indication of a sealing problem. Both faucets share the same valve that regulates the water temperature and balances the flow. Either the valve functions for the shower stand or the bathtub faucet. If this happens, then call a plumber for a bathtub faucet replacement.

Dripping Bathtub Faucet

You realize that the dripping sound coming out from your bathroom is annoying when you have to ruin your sleep and inspect the faucets. Dripping sound from the faucet is not a major problem and might need a repair instead of a bathtub faucet replacement. However, constant dripping indicates that the system has become old and might need a bathtub faucet replacement. Dripping might not be an inconvenience, but it leads to water wastage.


Spitting or low pressure of bathtub faucet indicates damage to internal parts of the faucet. The water flow is disrupted either becomes too slow, too high or stops for a while despite the faucet being in an open position. Contact a plumbing service when you observe this problem.

Wear and Tear

Sometimes your bathroom needs bathtub faucet replacement because the old system has either become too old-fashioned or too old to be functional. Wear and tears are caused by aging and continuous usage. Old system should be replaced sooner because it saves you from detrimental damage in the future. The older the faucet is, the more problems it will have. Instead of using an old faucet, call a plumber and ask for a bathtub faucet replacement.

Why our plumbing services are best for your bathtub faucet replacement?

Bathtub faucet replacement requires skills and expertise that homeowners do not have. Homeowners tend to handle these problems but end up causing more damage because of their lack of experience, tools, and expertise. The plumbers at Lifetime Plumbing are professional, knowledgeable, specialized in their fields, and available 24/7.

No damage

The DIY YouTube videos are beneficial, but ignore the severity of plumbing issues that can arise after incomplete work. Plumbers have the tools and knowledge that they use while bathtub faucet replacement. They do not damage other fixtures or parts while replacing the faucets.

Guarantees the work

Our professional plumbers always guarantee their work. You can always contact Lifetime Plumbing later for other plumbing work as well. Calling our plumbing services is the safest and most secure option. We have licensed plumbers that are just a call away.

Know the tools

Our plumbers have all the essential tools required for a bathtub faucet replacement. Local toolboxes do not have special tools. Some tools are not available for the local people in the market and are available with plumbers. The plumbers know the tools, unlike people who like to handle these tasks.

Detail check-up

Plumbing issues like repairing or replacing the faucets are tricky. For instance, the problem might appear with the valve, but in reality, it is with cartridge or mineral build-up inside the pipes. A professional plumber with their expertise can diagnose the issues all at once. The issues visible not on the surface are not identifiable by homeowners. This is an advantage of hiring a plumber. They check the functionality of faucets after a bathtub faucet replacement.


The advantage of hiring Lifetime plumbers is that they are trained and specialized in their fields. With the help of their expertise, our plumbers can make correct judgments. They can quickly resolve the issues with the knowledge and the right tools. It is better to hire a plumber than to make incorrect judgments and cause damage to your faucets.

Contact Lifetime Plumbing and get your bathtub faucet replacement done.

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