Kitchen Faucet Most Common Problems

The kitchen faucets are the most used fixtures in daily life. Kitchen faucet installation is a tricky and significant process. Homeowners assume that kitchen faucet installation is a simple task enough to be performed by them. However, hiring a professional and experienced plumber is necessary because they do not damage the fixtures and main lines. Additionally, plumbers have all the tools that you do not have access to.

The importance of kitchen faucets is highlighted when it has a problem and you are unable to perform the kitchen chores. The right faucet installation will make your kitchen chores easy. The faulty one might become a headache and place hurdles in your work.

Kitchen faucet problems that require your immediate attention:

Problems with Valves

A common problem with kitchen faucet installation is the failure of valves. The valves like cartridges regulate and balance between hot and cold water. Cartridge failure leads to the faucet being stuck in one position. If the valve is stuck in the open position, then water continues to flow down at a rapid speed consequently leading to water wastage. The identification of valve defects is only possible by a plumber. If you notice any fault, then call a plumber. Valve failure is an indication of kitchen faucet installation.

Leaky Kitchen Faucets

Leaky faucets are the most prevalent and irritating problem. Although, it is a minor issue but needs immediate correspondence because it might lead to rotting or seepage within the walls. Leaking faucets are due to defects in the components of kitchen faucets. The issues like faulty cartridges, inefficient water spray, and old faucets compel the need for kitchen faucet installation. Detecting the problem is often tricky and only plumbers can make the correct judgements. Leaky faucets also lead to water wastage and might increase your water bills.


Low water pressure or spitting is an indication that you need a kitchen faucet installation. The problem is with the interior parts of the faucet. Spitting is identifiable when the water flow suddenly becomes too high, slows down tremendously, produces loud noise or the water continues to flow despite closing the faucet.

Rusty Kitchen Faucets

Rusty faucets are due to excessive mineral build-up. After some time, the rust encapsulates the faucet and brown colored water flows down. The mineral build-up is not a major issue but the discoloured water might become hazardous. If you notice bronze pieces coming out of the faucet or brown water color, you need to close the main line valves and call for a plumber. The mineral builds inside the faucet and starts to cause rust on the exterior part as well. Just call a plumber and seek for kitchen faucet installation.

Wear and Tear

With time, the components of kitchen faucets become ill-functioning. The ill-functioning parts irritate the homeowners with loud noises. Parts of the faucet might become loose causing disruptions in the function of the faucet. The components either become too old fashioned or ill-functioning by excessive and irresponsible usage. For this reason, it is vital to go for kitchen faucet installation.

Style Clash

Assume you have renovated your kitchen to a modern kitchen but the kitchen faucet is still the old one. The old faucets do not complement the modern kitchen look. Homeowners often change their kitchen faucets due to the style clash between old and new kitchens. Even plumbers can help you decide the new kind of faucet vital for kitchen faucet installation.

Poor Kitchen Faucet Installation

Homeowners without any prior experience tend to handle the plumbing tasks. During kitchen faucet installation, they make minor mistakes that lead to a detrimental problems in future. It is better to leave the problems to the plumber instead of mishandling them by yourself. The plumbers inspect the tools, components and lines before kitchen faucet installation. Homeowners tend to ignore the complications leading to future problems like faulty faucets and seepages.

Why contact plumbing services for your Kitchen Faucet Problems?


At Lifetime Plumbing, our plumbers are quick and fast. Homeowners often take hours to fix the plumbing issues. A plumber, however, has the expertise to solve the issues within minutes instead of taking hours. Assembly of kitchen faucet installation components, arranging the tools and completing the task without taking hours is the expertise of our plumbers.

Know the tools

Plumbers have the knowledge about all the tools. The plumbers have access to tools necessary for kitchen faucet installation. The tools at home are old, rusty and inefficient to complete the tasks. Plumbers know the use of the tools and have available tools in their plumbing kits.

Experienced and Professional

The plumbers at Lifetime Plumbing are professional, experienced and trained in the field. They are given the knowledge to make correct judgements. Hiring a professional plumber is more cost-friendly and more effective than doing kitchen faucet installation on your own and damaging the other fixtures.

Do a detailed check-up

The good thing about a plumbing service is that they perform a detailed evaluation. Other than kitchen faucet installation, they check the vital lines and fixtures that are connected to the kitchen. Some issues are not visible on the surface but need attention. Plumbing tasks are complicated. Issues might appear with the faucet spray but the problem might be due to worn-out valves.

Guaranteed work

Our professional plumbers have the experience and they guarantee workmanship. The work speaks for professionalism and experience. Our plumbers are licensed and you can book them in the future.

Less damage

Homeowners tend to follow YouTube videos for helping themselves with kitchen faucet installation. The videos are perfect but often leave the homeowners with confusion. During kitchen faucet installation, homeowners might damage the fixtures. However, plumbers have the expertise compelling them to commit no mistakes. Hiring a plumber is the secure option because they do not damage the fixtures, evaluate the system, efficient and cost-friendly.

Assembly of components

Kitchen faucet installation comes with the assembly of different components. Although kitchen faucets come with a guiding manual, a plumber can assemble the components quickly without any complications.

Contact Lifetime Plumbing and get your Kitchen Faucet Problem solved.

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