Lifetime Plumbing is a reputable provider of kitchen plumbing services. The bathroom is the room in a house with the most plumbing. But the kitchen isn’t far behind, and because the kitchen is such an important part of your daily life—it’s located in the heart of most homes—you want to make sure it has the greatest, problem-free plumbing. Only expert plumbers should work on your kitchen’s plumbing, from garbage disposals to sinks and faucets.

Reliable Kitchen Plumbers

When leaks, low water pressure, burst pipes, or malfunctioning garbage disposals disturb our clients’ daily routines, they know they can rely on the kitchen plumbers from Lifetime Plumbing. From inspections and maintenance services to garbage disposal installation and kitchen sink repair, our kitchen plumbers have the expertise and skills to promptly detect the issue, discuss what needs to be done with you, and begin repairs as soon as you say so.

Don’t allow kitchen plumbing troubles bring you down. Contact us immediately to set up an appointment with a certified plumber and get your kitchen plumbing services done.

Our Kitchen Plumbing Services

We are a full-service plumbing company that is licensed and insured, and our kitchen plumbers use the most contemporary equipment to do the work. The following are only a handful of our kitchen plumbing services.

Garbage disposal units

Not every homeowner has a trash disposal in their kitchen, but those that have are likely unable to picture life without one. There’s no reason they should when our kitchen plumbers can help with repairs, installs, and replacements.

Kitchen Sink Repair

The kitchen sink may make your life simpler if it’s in good condition—and a nightmare if it’s not. We’ll handle faucet plumbing, sink replacements, and whatever else you need done to improve your kitchen sink.


Aging plumbing in older kitchens may be a huge annoyance, and it can also pose a risk to structural materials. Contact us to schedule the replacement of your old copper pipes and flexible cold and hot water lines.

Entrusting your kitchen plumbing needs to Lifetime Plumbing ensures that your plumbing system is reliable and efficient.

5 Signs of Kitchen Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Most people believe they can deal with a dripping kitchen sink faucet or reduced water pressure. Maybe you may be able to cope with these plumbing issues for a while, but the fact is that they will only worsen. You must solve this problem as soon as possible.

Contact our kitchen plumbers if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Squealing or screaming sounds when you turn on your kitchen faucet.
  • Low water flow/pressure
  • Dripping pipe beneath the sink.
  • Recurring plugged drain
  • Water flow occasionally sputters or stops.

Lifetime Plumbing also offers garbage disposal installation. When properly utilized, most waste disposals endure between eight and ten years. If your garbage disposal requires regular resets, has an interior crack, takes longer to grind food, and continuously stinks, it’s time to consider replacing it.

Kitchen Plumbing Services in Skokie, IL

When you hire Lifetime Plumbing, you won’t have to worry about obtaining quality kitchen plumbing services, whether it’s a minor task like faucet plumbing to stop a trickling leak or a large sink repair or replacement. We provide great communications as well as unusual reliability. We aspire to build long-term connections through high-quality service.

Are you short on time and require kitchen sink repair or garbage disposal installation today? Not a problem! We are one of the few plumbing companies that offer same-day service to our loyal customers.

On every service call, our professional kitchen plumbers are committed to providing clients with great kitchen plumbing services, answering any questions, addressing customer concerns, and finishing an installation or repair job as quickly as possible.

Contact Lifetime Plumbing now for all of your kitchen plumbing services!

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