Commercial Plumbing

A problem with the plumbing can ruin your company’s reputation to your customers and put a dent in your employees’ morale. Contact Lifetime Plumbing before a backup on your plumbing becomes a severe problem.

Emergency Plumbing

At Lifetime Plumbing, we provide round-the-clock emergency plumbing support. We serve both residential and commercial properties. There is nothing worse than running into unexpected plumbing issues. However, you are in good hands if you call our expert plumbers.

Residential Plumbing

The best way to prevent costly plumbing emergencies is to conduct routine maintenance. The following are the residential plumbing services you can expect from Lifetime Plumbing.

Drain Cleaning

Don’t let the drains get this bad before calling a Lifetime Plumbing representative. We will ask you a few questions and give you an immediate estimate on the phone.

Faucet Installation & Repair

The faucet is one of the most common reasons people call plumbers. Lifetime Plumbing specializes in faucet installation as well as repair. We can comfortably work with a leaky faucet no matter who the manufacturer is.

Gas Leak Detection & Repair

If you live in Northside Chicago, Northshore, and its surrounding suburbs, call Lifetime Plumbing for any of your plumbing needs. One of our specialties is gas leak detection and repair.

Sewer line repair and replacement

If you’re experiencing problems with your sewer line, it’s important to address the issue promptly. Ignoring the problem can lead to more serious issues,including backed-up toilets, slow drains, and even sewage backups in your home or yard.

Tankless Water Heaters

Though it is not easy for a tankless water heater to fail, it does happen. If your tankless water heater shows symptoms such as dramatically low water temperature, or failure to heat water, give Lifetime Plumbing a call.

Water Leak Detection & Repair

At Lifetime Plumbing, we have advanced equipment to find the source of your water leak. Our expert plumber can repair your pipes no matter what material they are.

Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Lifetime plumbing has a group of specialized water heater technicians available for emergency repair. If you notice a problem with your water heater, shut it down and call us.

Request A Callback

Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

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