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Drain Cleaning

When you notice a slow drain, something is amiss down the line. The situation might worsen until it cripples your entire plumbing system. It may leave you with flooded rooms and smelly drains.

Don’t let the drains get this bad before calling a Lifetime Plumbing representative. We will ask you a few questions and give you an immediate estimate on the phone.

Our drain cleaning experts put customer satisfaction first. They clean your clogged drain with advanced equipment and only leave when the drain is running smoothly again. You can also expect professional advice about what caused the problem and whether the drain needs additional action.

You might be wondering what caused a clogged toilet when it was working well for so long. Every plumbing system accumulates buildup and clogs over time. Store-bought products for DIY repairs will relieve the problem temporarily. These are the signs that you need to call a professional drain cleaner in Skokie, Illinois.

  • Drains have become unusually slow
  • Attempts at DIY repairs are unsuccessful
  • You experience recurrent clogging of your drains
  • Your drain pipes start producing gurgling sounds
  • Your premises smell like sewerage
  • Pests are living in your drain pipes.
  • Your clogged toilet does not clear up after trying several unclogging methods.

What Is The Benefit Of Cleaning Drains Regularly?

You can easily forget a drainage system when it is working well. However, do not skip preventive maintenance because things seem fine. We recommend drain pipe and sewer jetting at least once per year.

Well-maintained drainage will benefit you with the following:

  • It is faster and more efficient
  • It will last longer before needing to be replaced entirely
  • Your home or business will be cleaner
  • You will save money in the long-run
  • Blockages will be few and far between

How do you prevent drains from clogging?

We have seen many types of clogged plumbing. If the owners had performed these actions, they would not have needed to call us. Here are some tips to prevent your drains from clogging.

  • Scheduling regular maintenance
  • Preventing debris from entering the drains
  • Removing hair from stoppers regularly
  • Using drain grates or screens
  • Brushing hair before a shower to remove loose hair
  • Pouring hot water down drains to remove fat buildup

If your drain is clogging persistently, call or email us. We can get rid of the problem quickly.

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