Shower Faucet Installation

Replacing or installing a shower faucet requires skills and experience. Homeowners tend to handle the tasks of faulty shower faucets or shower faucet installation themselves. Handling these tasks might look easy but are not convenient at all.

A shower faucet installation is a minimal task and requires attention to detail. Plumbers can not only do the shower faucet installation for you but they can avoid the minimal mistakes that might lead to future damage. Shower faucets have some unavoidable issues that require the attention of an experienced plumber.

Issues that lead to a shower faucet installation:

Leaky Faucets

One of the common problems of shower faucets is leakage. There are numerous factors of shower faucet leakage. Usually, the point of leakage is not identified, but plumbers can spot the leakages. The problem can be due to a faulty shower valve. A shower valve functions by regulating water temperature and balancing the water flow. A fault in the valve is one of the reasons that compel shower faucet installation. A faulty shower valve gives rise to problems like water leakages and loud irritating noises. Shower faucet installation and checking are essential because a faulty shower valve can cause rot in the wall. The shower valve is fixed within the wall, a rusty or leaky valve will ultimately damage the wall. However, efficient plumbing can quickly get rid of this issue.

Mineral buildup

The mineral buildup on the faucet is an indication to call for professional plumbing service. The rust you notice on the outside indicates that minerals have started building up inside the shower faucet system. The rust can cause water clogging, narrowing down of shower lines, and low water pressure. A shower faucet installation by an experienced plumbing service will help you get rid of the rusty faucet.

Poor Installation

Homeowners usually tend to handle the plumbing tasks. During these tasks, they make minor mistakes that lead to a bigger problem. Poor installation leads to issues like water leakages within the wall and installing faulty apparatus without inspection. The problems arise from inadequate experience. Make sure to call a professional plumber for shower faucet installation to avoid poor installation.

Cartridge Failure

A cartridge failure can lead to water wastage issues that require shower faucet installation. A cartridge is a small device that connects the valves with handles and acts as a supporting water flow regulator. Once the cartridge becomes faulty the valve is stuck in an open position. The valve will not rotate and the water will continue to flow causing water wastage. To avoid such problems, you need to contact a professional plumbing company. Lifetime Plumbing will provide the best services in shower faucet installation to avoid such future issues.

Style Clash

If you have an old shower faucet, you need a new one because it will complement the modern look of your bathroom. The style clash is one of the reasons among homeowners for new shower faucet installation.

Wear and Tear

Parts of the shower faucet become ill-functioning with time or excessive usage. Either they are chipped causing an irritating squealing noise or they are completely ill-functioning not turning on and off. Wear and tear parts call for a shower faucet installation. Once the faucet is ill-functioning it is highly recommended to install a new shower faucet instead of spending on repairing it.

Low Pressure

Low pressure of water is annoying when you are in hurry. The low pressure is due to a faulty shower faucet. Low water pressure is due to mineral build-up, poor installation, or some other water leakage in the pipeline. It is beneficial if you call for a professional plumbing service. Plumbers can identify the problems and cost-effectively do shower faucet installation.

Why contact plumbing services for your shower faucet?

Homeowners perform the plumbing tasks themselves by watching YouTube videos or reading manuals. This might prove cost friendly but little do they know that it might lead to future damages. Plumbing services have all the knowledge of tools and assembly, experience, expertise, and professional training. You need to contact a plumber because they are cost-friendly, quick, and do not damage the other equipment.

Assembly of the faucet system

Shower faucet installation requires the assembly of different parts. The assembly process is mentioned within the manuals, but it is still recommended to hire a plumber for shower faucet installation. The manuals ignore some complications that are within the expertise of plumbers. They can assemble and deal with complications easily that might take hours.


Our plumbers at Lifetime Plumbing have the required tools for shower faucet installation. Often the tools available at your home are insufficient or old, and you have to spend buying new tools. A plumbing service keeps all the tools essential for shower faucet installation. For instance, the tool used for changing the valve is not available in the market, but plumbers have it. Hiring a plumber to install the shower faucet is more inexpensive than buying a new toolbox.

Quick and Less Damage

Our plumbers have the necessary knowledge and expertise in shower faucet installation. Where you spend hours figuring out the assembly, essential tools, and the process, our plumbers are done with the job in the meant time. They are quick, efficient, and professional. Often because of our lack of knowledge, we tend to damage valves or other fixtures. Our plumbers at Lifetime Plumbing have the expertise, so they carefully install the shower faucet without damaging anything. Additionally, our plumbers check the whole system and even provide a guarantee.


There are complications during shower faucet installation that only need the attention of plumbers. The impediments like galvanized lines, off-marking of panels, and converting from double handled faucet to a single one. Often the leaky faucet is due to different unknown reasons. Only a plumber can inspect and resolve the issues for homeowners. Only they know the right tools and what tools are required to change the double-handled faucet to a single one. The installation of a shower faucet is not a laborious process, but it is tricky. Lifetime Plumbers can help you fix the shower faucet without time wastage and are cost-friendly.

Contact Lifetime Plumbing and get your shower faucet installation done.

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